Thing 11: Geotagging

By Amy Schindler


Geotagging, also known as geolocation, is the adding of geographical identification data to images, videos, websites, Twitter tweets, and other media. Geotagging allows users to find location-specific information including news, images, and other content. Using geotagging with tools like Flickr will also allow you to find others in your geographic area using the site who you may wish to share content with, add as a contact, or just learn more about.




  1. If you have added images to Flickr, return to the images and add a location: click Organize & Create > Most recent upload > Location > Add items to the map. There are also directions from a Flickr Help Screencast video.
  2. After adding locations to your images, it is time to explore who and what is nearby: click Organize & Create > Your Map > Zoom in & out as needed clicking on others’ images. As you view the images added to the map near your own, consider adding the creators as contacts.


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